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Everything You Want to Know About Trailer Stand Wheel

A trailer stand wheel plays an important role in stabilizing the trailer, preventing overturning, and facilitating safe loading and unloading. The most exemplary feature of a trailer stand wheel is that it makes maneuvering the vehicle a breeze as it usually has a retractable mechanism, which is especially useful during the hitching process, as it allows for adjustment of the height of the trailer to match the vehicle. They majorly contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle. 

The seemingly unremarkable tool is of great hand when lifting and moving chores happen. Read on to learn more about the trailer stand wheels and what customers will consider when choosing one. 

Basics About Trailer Stand Wheel

Trailer stand wheels generally have two types: electronic and manual. 

Electric trailer stand wheel provides automated and remote-controlled options to control the raising and lowering of the trailer stand without the need for manual labor. It typically saves more time, performs precise height adjustments, and an overall smoother experience.

On the other hand, a manual trailer stand wheel requires the human factor and physical labor for function, but they are widely popular for their durability and reliability. Manual trailer stand wheels are the more cost-effective option. However, the electric trailer stand wheel is hard to install and requires backup power from time to time. 

Why do you need a heavy-duty trailer stand wheel?

Heavy-duty trailer stand wheels, alternatively known as heavy-duty trailer jack wheels, serve many purposes and functions in various sectors such as transport, agriculture, repair and maintenance, RVs and campers, and construction sites. Heavy-duty trailer jack stand wheels are needed in every occupation and task involving trailers.

Features to Consider while choosing a trailer stand wheel:

Here are what customers most consider about in purchasing trailer stand wheels.

  • Capacity Load

The capacity load for trailer stand wheels can vary widely based on the design, size, and intended use of the trailer stand. It's crucial to consult the specific product documentation provided by the manufacturer for accurate and detailed information regarding the capacity load of a particular trailer stand wheel.

However, as a general guideline, trailer stand wheels commonly have capacity loads ranging from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds.

Traditionally, the trailer stand wheels’ capacity load ranges from 150kg (330.6 pounds) to 1200kg (2645.5 pounds), highlighting their adaptability to a wide range of trailer applications. 

trailer stand wheel

  • Tongue weight

Tongue weight is the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. This force is essential for maintaining stability and control while towing. For traditional trailers equipped with hitches mounted on a ball, the recommended tongue weight is typically around 10 to 15 percent of the overall weight of the fully loaded trailer. 

  • Wheel size and material

Always take into account the wheel size in proportion to the size and weight of the trailer. For example, heavier vehicles such as commercial trailers need larger trailer stand wheels compared to RVs for better weight distribution and stability. Also, consider the wheel materials, steel, rubber, and coating due to their sturdiness and anti-corrosion properties for longevity and durability.

  • Swivel and locking mechanism

Another important point to think about is the trailer stand wheel's swivel and locking mechanism. Customers always go for 360-degree rotation swivel wheels for better ease of movement, an ergonomic knob for easier height adjustment, and a reliable locking mechanism to make sure your trailer stand wheel stays in place when your vehicle/trailer is stationary for safety. 

A well-designed mechanism ensures smooth operation during deployment and retraction, contributing to user convenience and efficient handling. Additionally, a reliable locking feature enhances stationary stability, providing confidence in the secure positioning of the trailer stand wheel in diverse terrains and towing scenarios.

What's Worth Your Consideration?

Here are our top 3 most recommended and market-approved trailer stand wheels provided by DNL. 


This versatile 60mm jockey wheel boasts a robust load capacity of 350 kg, making it compatible with a wide range of trailers. Engineered for longevity and stability, the solid rubber wheels deliver reliable performance. Additionally, its user-friendly design features an easily operable ergonomic knob, facilitating smooth height adjustments with utmost convenience. 



One of the most popular jockey wheels for horse trailers from DNL is a hit among buyers because of its outstanding quality and easy-to-use features. The concise bracket is innovative; the 60mm mild steel rim with zinc plating and accompanied with solid rubber wheels give the trailer stand wheel better stability, longevity, and the ability to endure harsh outdoor elements and terrain. 



This is a trailer stand wheel for commercial trailers or live-stock trailers, with a load capacity of 500 kg. The high-quality rubber wheel and steel rim with hot-dip galvanization offer higher resistance to corrosion to ensure durability. 



In summary, the jockey wheel and spare parts market experiences significant demand due to the crucial role these components play in enhancing the functionality, safety, and longevity of trailers. As integral parts of towing systems, jockey wheels, and their spare parts cater to the diverse needs of trailer owners, offering solutions for maneuverability, load-bearing, and maintenance. The continual growth in the transportation and logistics industry, coupled with the emphasis on trailer safety and performance, contributes to the sustained expansion of the jockey wheel and spare parts market.

If you want to seek cooperation with a trustworthy trailer jack stand wheel manufacturer, you can visit our website. 

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